How to build talent.driven leadership capability

leadershipJune 18, 2015

The post-recession era is marked by slow economic growth, complexity, and rapid change requiring a fundamental shift in how to lead and sustain business success. Authenticity, agility, and advocacy merge into a new concept that I called talent.driven leadership in our popular talent.trends report.

The paradox today’s leaders must master is to expand their own learning agility to conceive of innovative growth strategies while authentically motivating their teams toward greater global collaboration and championing the talent.experience. talent.driven leaders are the key ingredient of an organization’s success. These leaders don’t think of talent as a liability on their balance sheet they know it is their greatest asset.

Changing this paradigm makes leadership development a top executive priority. But according to a recent Deloitte study, only 14% of companies say they do an excellent job developing their leaders.

In order to build talent.driven leadership capability inside of organizations we have to move beyond the occasional (and often over-priced) training class that yields little sustainable impact.

These are 5 key steps to take in order to create lasting talent.driven leadership capability:

  1. Conduct an honest assessment of talent.driven leadership maturity and capability inside an organization.
  2. Champion talent.driven leadership from the top, but drive it down to all levels of management so it becomes part of the culture.
  3. Re-distribute responsibility for talent management. Human Resources should be the facilitator and coach enabling business leaders and managers to become talent.driven leaders.
  4. Align rewards and accountability around talent.driven leadership behaviors.
  5. Employ a learning and change methodology that is simple and not too prescriptive so it can flex to an organization’s context and unique business needs.

Not sure how to get started? In order to help build HR capability in talent.driven leadership we recently launched a virtual, self-paced, peer-supported coaching program. Our coaching participants describe the value of the program as follows:

  • “You succeeded in consolidating the overwhelming amount of information about leadership out there and packaging it into a program that succinctly outlines what talent.driven leadership is about. The program provided me with tools to affect change inside my own organization.”
  • “The most valuable takeaway from the talent.driven leadership coaching program was that it provided me with a framework that I can now execute on my own inside our organization.”
  • “The coaching program has provided me with a different perspective on familiar concepts. It is great to have it in my tool box that I can use when coaching leaders.”
  • “The talent.driven leadership coaching program does not require a lot of time investment and you get a lot of information that you can tailor to your own organization.”
  • “I am currently writing a report about the program for my CEO highlighting my own learning experience as well as my recommendations for the next steps in implementing talent.driven leadership inside our organization.”
  • “I highly recommend this program because it is well structured and results in concrete actions for HR leaders. It helps you identify your own talent challenges and your organization’s readiness for talent.driven leadership and it provides guidance for how to translate it into action.”

What’s holding you back from delivering talent.driven leadership in your organization? Don’t be left behind the trend and join our next virtual coaching group. Click here to register.

Nicole Dessain is the founder of talent.imperative, a next generation talent management consultancy. We guide our clients in surfacing their most pressing talent questions, crunch data to answer them, and customize solutions to realize value through talent. Contact us to discuss how we can help you.

adminHow to build talent.driven leadership capability