10 Talent Blogs Every Leader Should Read

talent blogsJuly 31, 2015

I recently wrote a blog post about “10 Talent Books Every Leaders Should Read”. I received several comments articulating that maybe not everyone reads entire books anymore.

Fair. Point taken!
For the time crunched and technophiles among you – here is a list of my favorite talent-related blogs and newsletters:

Blog #1: Granted by Adam Grant

This monthly newsletter on psychology and the workplace is curated by Adam Grant, Wharton professor and author of Give and Take. I am a huge admirer of Grant’s ability to transfer academic findings into innovative yet practical insights for the way we interact at work.

Blog #2: Innovation Bulletin by Springwise Intelligence Ltd

Your choice for weekly or daily insights about new ideas and innovations. These can be used to spark conversations with your team and foster a culture of talent.preneurship. I have also spotted several apps or wearable solutions that can be applied in a workplace context.

Blog #3: HBR Blog by Harvard Business Review

This blog offers consistently high quality articles by staff writers, academics, and renowned subject matter experts with a focus on management and talent.driven leadership case studies, research, and best practices.

Blog #4: FastCompany Newsletter by FastCompany

This newsletter delivers daily or weekly insights around business, leadership, culture, and innovation. Articles are usually well researched and intended to provoke dialogue. Not all of the ideas featured are applicable or advisable for every organization, but they will undoubtedly inspire spirited conversation between you and your HR team.

Blog #5: WEF Blog by World Economic Forum

Blog categories cover a wide variety of global issues surrounding the WEF’s agenda. Focus areas include Skills Mismatch, Gender Parity, and Leadership. A great resource to understand big picture issues and trends impacting global workplace challenges.

Blog #6: TED Blog by TED Talks

If you love binge-watching TED Talks then you don’t want to miss any new talks being uploaded. TED Blog highlights new talks including videos on business, leadership, and communication. This is also a great, free development resource for your team!

Blog #7: The Economist Insights Newsletter by The Economist Intelligence Unit

Newsletter sign-up lets you select categories of interest including “Leadership, Talent & Education”. The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) regularly publishes reports on economic insights that can help inform global talent decisions and risk profiles. It’s also worth following Simon Baptist, the EIU’s Chief Economist.

Blog #8: Seth’s Blog by Seth Godin

I find that many of Seth Godin’s brilliantly written blog posts make me think. About life. About work. About entrepreneurship. About leadership. Every leader should take a few minutes every day just to think. This blog is a good excuse to do so.

Blog #9: Social Media Examiner Blog by Social Media Examiner

Are you one of those leaders who have realized how critical it is to have social media competency? But you are struggling to figure out where to begin? Social Media Examiner’s daily posts about best practices and step-by-step-instructions on how to use key social media platforms can help get you started.

Blog #10: talent.blog by Nicole Dessain

Last but not least a plug for my own blog. I write about talent trends and new perspectives on old talent management topics.


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