We love collaborating with other smart entrepreneurs. They are the backbone and innovation engine of our modern society. The only thing we love more is that in collaboration we are able to offer integrated talent management services that create added value to our clients. We personally know the founders of all these awesome ventures.

ProKo Consulting is a modern talent model created by founder Liz Steblay that enables professional independent consultants and Partnercorporations to work together while fully mitigating co-employment risk. We are excited to expand our team through ProKo for larger consulting engagements and to leverage their back-office compliance services.

partnerjobbook is the recruiting technology solution we have been waiting for: The visionary team around Canadian founder Antoine de Brabant has cracked the nut of combining social referral while turning the Talent Acquisition function into a revenue-generator and contributor to solving the skills mismatch.

Partner Skill Scout is a Chicago start-up focused on human-centered hiring. The Impact Engine portfolio company led by co-founders Elena Valentine and Abby Cheesman  focuses on creating video job descriptions and candidate profiles that truly showcase what each is about.  We believe this is a much needed innovation in Talent Acquisition and are excited about joining forces!  Partner

Success Across is a cross-cultural training and diversity consultancy based in Heidelberg, Germany. We partner with Nina Frauenfeld and her global team on projects that include cross-cultural sensitivity training for leaders and diversity strategy design.


Are you an entrepreneur, consultant, or coach in the field of talent management and aligned to our mission? We’d love to hear from you for possible partnering opportunities!

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