Our founder, Nicole Dessain, has over a decade of experience in advising HR and business leaders on their talent challenges. These are a few examples of the value she has delivered to her clients:

CASE STUDY #1: Talent Value Case Modelling
Challenge: The U.S. operations of a global insurance provider needed to scale their Recruiting approach due to rapid business growth.
Approach: Led a recruiting maturity analysis and strategy re-design project with focus on process and sourcing optimization. Designed a roadmap and calculated a talent value case projected to result in a $20M benefit over a 4 year time frame.
Impact: Talent Value Case benefit realization on target. One example: time-to-fill decreased by 27% resulting in $750,000 first year savings.

CASE STUDY #2: Employer Branding Strategy

Challenge: European chemical company needed to pre-empt looming engineering shortage by creating a segmented employer brand.

Approach: Collaborated with client’s HR Communication & Marketing department to align with corporate branding initiatives. Conducted key target group interviews and focus groups and correlated with market research agency findings and competitor analysis insights. Created core employer attributes and position statements and validated with subject matter experts across Europe.

Impact: Client’s positioning in various external employer rankings and brand recognition among engineers rose significantly over the following years.

CASE STUDY #3: Talent Acquisition Re-Structuring
Challenge: U.S. higher education provider’s Talent Acquisition leadership team needed to address mounting complaints from hiring managers and executives about the lack of timely quality hires.
Approach: Led identification of the role talent played for the company – agreement that it was key to competitive advantage and that talent attraction was a priority in a reputationally challenged industry. Designed the new structure for Talent Acquisition with a focus on simplifying client relationships and pro-active talent sourcing. Built a ten people/one manager sourcing team from the ground up.
Impact: After only six months into the new model client saw significant decrease in cost per hire compared to previous year and industry benchmarks, especially in third party agency spend due to pro-active talent pipelining efforts by the sourcing team. Time to fill dropped by 45%.

CASE STUDY #4: University Recruitment Optimization

Challenge: U.S. operations of a leading European oil & gas company needed to adjust the global university recruitment approach to meet the needs of their local stakeholders and candidates.

Approach: Analyzed current state and needs by conducting surveys with applicants and candidates, leading interviews with key university career services and department chairs, and conducting focus groups with internal stakeholders. Findings resulted in process and organizational re-design of Graduate Recruitment team, and an enhanced change and communication strategy with candidates as well as university and internal stakeholders.

Impact: Significant improvements in stakeholder satisfaction after process and organization optimization. Enhanced relationships with universities resulted in better name recognition and higher quality talent.

CASE STUDY #5: Onboarding Program Design

Challenge: An automotive finance company needed new employees to fully understand the integrated mission and vision of their cross-cultural post-merger organization.

Approach: To ensure the onboarding process resulted in increased engagement and performance, the redesigned program focused on four areas critical to maximizing new hire performance and engagement:

  1. Foster connection with the new organization’s vision and strategy,
  2. Facilitate integration into employee networks,
  3. Explain performance expectations clearly and early,
  4. Promote a culture of innovation and open communication.

Impact: The program resulted in a 20% decrease in new hire attrition, a 100% participation rate in key new hire activities by C-level executives, and was recognized as an external benchmark and featured as a case study by the Corporate Executive Board.


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