“Talent is our company’s most important asset!” Are you an executive, founder, or HR leader and have you either made or heard this statement before? Yet you have this nagging feeling that more could be done to unleash your company’s full talent potential? You may even have read about great practices at other companies, but you are not certain how to adjust those to the unique needs of your organization.

We know how to structure and lead talent management consulting projects. Our founder and principal consultant Nicole Dessain is an Accenture-trained management consultant, certified project management professional, and has fifteen years of focused experience in talent management.

We help organizations understand what drives talent disconnects and design structures and processes to attack them  systematically. Some challenges are larger than others – we apply innovative approaches to scale consulting engagements according to need, scope, and budget.

Consulting projects range across the entire talent.experience lifecycle.

A glimpse at the consulting services we provide:

  • talent.experience lifecycle maturity audit: An assessment of the client’s entire talent value chain and roadmap design for areas of opportunity.
  • Value case creation or validation: Defining a new value case or providing third party validation of an existing business case for the implementation of a specific talent-related intervention.
  • Optimization and re-design: An in-depth analysis and/or re-design of a specific area of the talent.experience lifecycle, such as talent acquisition or talent retention. May also include organizational, process, and metrics re-design.
  • International consulting: Support for international companies’ expansion into the US. Primarily focus on building Talent Acquisition capability and helping to understand hiring policies in the US.
  • Mid-market and small businesses: Small businesses comprise half the U.S. GDP and create two-thirds of all new jobs. Yet most of them cite talent as one of their top concerns to growth. We help medium and small businesses evolve their cultures and tackle their unique talent challenges as they prepare for growth.
  • talent.eConsult: For clients who just want to soundboard an idea or get an outside perspective on a talent-related challenge we provide an efficient virtual consultation experience via Skype, WebEx, or phone that can be delivered to leaders across the globe. Click here to purchase your talent.eConsult session.

For consulting examples please review our case studies. To get started, please send your RFP to info@talentimperative.com or contact us with details about the guidance you are looking for.