We apply the same research rigor as evidenced in our talent.trends report to customized insights projects for our clients.

Talent insights reports are action-oriented research projects that provide clients with insights and recommendations gained from data analysis. Depending on client need and scope we may also design and conduct primary research (e.g. surveys, focus groups, interviews). Examples include: candidate and/or hiring manager experience analysis, career site benchmarking, social media optimization, or creation of a talent risk profile for entering new geographic markets.

We also create tailored intelligence briefs with talent insights from your industry and competition. Intelligence briefs can be produced quarterly, twice a year, or annually so timing aligns with your organization’s business planning cycle. As a first step in determining when you may need external or customized talent insights,you want to  map out the entire annual strategic planning process. Questions to answer:

  • What are all the steps and milestones included in the annual strategic planning process?
  • Who normally gets involved and when?
  • What is the organization’s readiness for adding talent considerations early into the strategic planning process? Who may be advocates?
  • How aligned is your talent strategy to your business strategy?
  • How can talent insights add value to overall strategic planning and in support of the company’s business strategy?
  • What talent insights would provide competitive advantage and/or mitigate risk?
  • How does a business case need to be structured to request funding for talent initiatives?

An example high level planning calendar may look like this:

Business and Talent Strategy Calendar

Contact us to discuss your specific research need or talent challenge you are trying to address.

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