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In addition to our highly customized talent consulting, education, and insights services, we offer “out-of-the-box” products and services that can be purchased right here in our online shop.


Design Thinking 101 for Talent Leaders – In this brand new Skillshare course our Founder, Nicole Dessain dishes out why design thinking is an effective method for crafting impactful talent experiences.

You will learn:

  • What design thinking is and why it matters to talent leaders
  • Why and how to infuse empathy into your talent program design
  • How to turn a workplace problem into an opportunity by asking “How Might We…?”
  • How to gain deeper insights from your talent audience
  • How to engage your employees in the ideation process
  • How to prototype and test initial talent solutions


talent.trends report
This popular report on talent trends has been downloaded by more than 200 HR and business professionals. It’s not your usual report on the same, old predictions. It’s actionable research that guides you through prioritization of your talent agenda and actions for the years to come. Don’t miss out on gaining competitive advantage through talent and get your copy of the report today! Join our LinkedIn discussion group to continue the dialogue about these trends.

Addressing the Skills Mismatch: A Playbook
The skills mismatch is a global phenomenon: record unemployment numbers are, paradoxically, matched by many companies who cannot find the skills they need. Is your organization impacted by the skills mismatch aka do you have a large STEM or skilled labor workforce? This “do-it-yourself” playbook guides talent leaders through addressing the skills mismatch inside their organization. It features step-by-step instructions, frameworks, easy-to-use check lists, examples, case studies, a readiness check list, and more.

Your purchase confirmation includes a link to the eGuide pdf document.

“I just shared your talent.trends report with my team as I feel that it provides an excellent narrative for our go-to-market offerings, further establishing us as a leading authority in our field. So, thank you! (Director of Partnership & Alliances – Research & Technology Organization)


Don’t need a full-blown consulting project to address your talent challenge? Want to sound board an idea or new talent service/technology? Book a 45min. skype/phone consultation with our Founder, Nicole Dessain. Your purchase confirmation includes a link to a brief intake form that will kick off scheduling and preparation for your talent.eConsult session.

“The talent.eConsult session was a very efficient way for me to learn about differences between German and American hiring practices, get insights about valuable resources and start interpreting all information available to me in the right way. It will definitely help me avoid making mistakes as I expand our operations in the US.” (Vice President and CFO North America – German Mid-Market Software Provider)

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